Ideological extremity in social networks

Update: Make sure to read Joshua Brustein’s nice write-up of our research at the New York Times, as well as Dr. Seth Masket’s impressions. At the upcoming meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Aaron King, Frank Orlando, and I will be presenting a paper that investigates the determinants of success in Senate primary elections. We … Continue reading

Electoral Marimekko Plots

2008 County Voting Marimekko

To be reductive, visual displays of quantitative information might be reasonably categorized on a continuum between “data display” and “statistical graphics.” By statistical graphics, I mean a plot that displays some summary of or relationship amongst several variables, likely having undergone some processing or analysis. This may be as simple as a scatterplot of a … Continue reading

Partisan structure in online social networks

As part of a continuing project which makes use of data from the social microblogging service Twitter, I presented a paper at the 2010 MPSA in which I derived inferences about elite partisanship and ideology from only the patterns of connections between Twitter users. That is, given only knowledge of which of Twitter’s millions of users were … Continue reading

Racial attitudes and candidate evaluation

In November, 2009, Candis Watts and I were invited to the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity and Gender in the Social Sciences (REGSS) at Duke University, to present our work on the effect of racial attitudes on candidate evaluations. Our findings, generally, are that racial attitudes have a significant impact on voter evaluations of … Continue reading